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PHILIPS Petrol Station System Mini500 LED G2 (Lampu untuk SPBU / Gas Station)

Philips Mini500 G2 is designed for a new generation of canopy lighting system, integrated  with ActiLume DALI Gen2, delivering various customized intelligent lighting solutions. Built-in LED lamp can give emergency lighting after power off, achieving green and intelligent upgrade with ease.

SKU Detail per Product Type, please see in below : 

Mini500 LED G2
911401580111BBP500 LED110/CW PSU S-MB Recessed fixed driver 
911401579611BBP500 LED110/CW PSU A-WB Recessed fixed driver 
911401580011BBP500 LED110/CW PSR S-WB Recessed 1-10V dimmable 
911401580511BBP500 LED110/CW PSR A-WB Recessed 1-10V dimmable 
911401581011BCP500 LED110/CW PSU S-MB Surface fixed driver 
911401581311BCP500 LED110/CW PSU A-WB Surface fixed driver 
911401581911BCP500 LED110/CW PSR S-MB Surface 1-10V dimmable driver 
911401582811BCP500 LED110/CW PSR A-WB Surface 1-10V dimmable driver 
911401583411BGP500 LED110/CW PSU A-WB Pole mounted fixed driver 
911401579711BBP500 LED110/CW PSU GU5.3 S-WB With auxiliary lamp 
911401579811BBP500 LED110/CW PSU GU5.3 S-MB With auxiliary lamp 
Intelligent Mini500G2
911401580811BBP500 LED110/CW PSD ACD2 IS S-MB Recessed w/actilume DALI 
911401580911BBP500 LED110/CW PSD ACD2 IS A-WB Recessed w/actilume DALI 
911401583111BCP500 LED110/CW PSD ACD2 IS S-MB Surface w/actilume DALI 
911401583311BCP500 LED110/CW PSD ACD2 IS A-WB Surface w/actilume DALI 
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